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Products Available 

Espana Silk Grooming Products

I endorse, carry and sell Espana Silk products, the best natural product that I have found to use on my own, my horses and my dogs coat and hair! Please message to purchase! Available at my retail store in Hudsonville MI

Liberty Cue-Ropes

I am experimenting with different types of liberty ropes, to be worn around the neck of the horse for cues


Coat Clipping - designs only

Custom pricing, message to inquire 

Mane Bags 

Either tie-top or flip-top style. Roughly 2.5"x8", custom sizing available. $4-$5 each 


Art Pricing: 

Art: Art prices depend on a lot of factors. Please message for commission work or interest in a piece for sale in the gallery. As a base price comparison, a 16"x 20" usually prices around $300-$500, up to a 3'x4' for $2000. Smaller 8x10" often price for around $150 - $250. 

Please private message with questions about the Equestrian part of my program. I have limited openings for training and lessons, performances by my horses can be custom quoted as well. 

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