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About Jenn 

Artist :: Equestrian

God gave me horses so I could have something to paint, he gave me art to celebrate my love of the horse. My art and my love for the horse are intertwined, I use mostly oils and acrylics and make commissioned portraits. I also do custom artwork on wine glasses, drinking glasses and ornaments. I have a degree in Art and the pursuit of always improving my work is an ongoing passion.

I am also very drawn to relationship-based Equestrianism. I've studied over 15 years under well established and highly talented horseman and horsewoman. I do what I do for the horses' sake, learning to address issues from a behavioral standpoint to bridge the gap of communication between horse and human. I'm all about learning as the horse always has something more to teach us! Getting back to the basics from a foundational standpoint will solve many issues, I use a balance of positive and negative reinforcement, while continuously building on the horse's natural character and improving confidence. My goal is to be able to share this new way of thinking and connecting with others as a life improving experience for both horses and humans. 

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  1. Degree in Art and Design from Grand Rapids Community Collage

  2. Completed outdoor and indoor murals in Allegan, Byron Center and Grandville in Michigan.

  3. Entered World Renowned Competition 'Artprize' for 6 years

  4. Hundreds of happy artwork customers 


Horse training influenced by: Luke Gingerich, Jordan Brasser, Grand Prix Rider Stacy Gormely, Warwick Schiller, Johnathan Field, Parelli, Frederic Pignon

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