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                          JennMarie Equestrian

Horses connect us to ourselves. The more connected we are to ourselves, the more connected we are to them. They are similar to us in our emotionality, we share similar nervous systems and trauma responses. 

Horses have healing properties. The key to improving your horse always starts with improving yourself. Self awareness is a journey, and the horse can be your teacher. Good connections are the best foundation to performance, dependability and consistency between you and your horse.
I have trained with many established horse men and woman, in the areas of Dressage, Liberty, Reining and Equine Psychology/Behavior. Using balanced, relationship-based, positive reinforcement training along with a partner directed approach, my own style of training includes tools for both for the mental/emotional side of horses and the performance ambition of humans. The style of horsemanship that I teach is both scientifically proven for success as well as emotionally connecting. This adventure is far from over, and I am always looking for more ways to share the joy of connection with the horse. 

"It took time but I feel like I found the key to the door of a horse's heart... we can follow each others thoughts and this connection is improving everyday. I really want to help others feel this, and watching the healing that happens in people hearts when they are around horses brings me so much Joy. I truly feel God speaks love to us through these incredible animals."


Meet the Horses! 



Orbit was the first baby I had bred: Starsgoodinvestment with Badgers Double Delight = Badgers Starry Orbit, born in 2018
He is a sensitive guy with a desire to figure out what is being asked of him, he prefers safety over adventure and loves his routine, I can use that desire as a motivation factor, giving him tasks that he feels safe in as a reward while challenging him to try new things. He is the first horse I started using clicker training with along with experimenting with a higher degree of positive reinforcement in my work with horses. We perform at Liberty and have been showing Ranch Riding as well. 


'Wimpys in Town' 2018

I purchased Vega in 2018 when she was four months old, she was born 7 days after Orbit was. They grew up together and are the best of friends. She has a sensitive but confident personality and she loves figuring out puzzles and exploring. She is the first to check out something new, every thing I teach her seems to come naturally. Her favorite moves are the rear, lay down and spanish walk. She has strong reining lines and has a future in the Reining world. She also is talented in complex liberty work and during her saddle start, she showed me that she can excel with bridleless at 2 years old. I'm very excited to see where she will take me!


Tana is a horse I had the privilege of learning with and showing for many years. She loves her independence and did not respond well to her previous 'traditional' training.  
She is always teaching me something, she is not always easy but she has been the most rewarding to work with and I love her! She is now in retirement and loving life in the pasture. :) 

Perrin is the new face at JennMarie Equestrian, he was born May 2021 and he looks like like his Sire
Tjaarda 483 Sport! His future will be in Dressage and Liberty! 

Past Training Horses

I have had the privilege to work for a Friesian farm for many years, training up the young horses for sale as well as working with their Stallion in their breeding program. I also have had many, many wonderful clients over the years for training and lessons. I currently have limited slots for training and clients as I focus on my own horse's futures. 

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